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Help Sheet

Writing a sponsorship proposal

If your group decides to pursue sponsorship as a method of support and raising funds, it will need to write a proposal document it can use to attract potential sponsors.

Think about what you want to say to a potential sponsor

You want to say:

Drawing up the submission

In drawing up your submission, work your way through this checklist. Touch briefly on the following points in your submission and expand on them in your attachments if and when necessary.


Set up a meeting to take them through the submission.

If you can, take your selling point with you. For example, if you are wanting sponsorship for a local anti-discrimination campaign you might bring publicity information and promotional material from similar successful local campaigns overseas, e.g. the 'Like Minds, Like Mine Project' in New Zealand.

You could also bring information and artefacts from local campaigns -for example, the Batty is Beautiful T-shirts or the 'Nothing about us without us' material.

Then, follow up a week later, by phone.

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