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Help Sheet

How to Find Grants

For many groups, finding grants can be a difficult or drawn-out task. Knowing where to look and who to talk to are the keys.

The Funding Centre

The first and best way of finding grants is to subscribe to the Funding Centre.

The Funding Centre and associated tools and newsletters are an initiative of Our Community, a world-leading social enterprise that provides advice, tools and training for Australia's 600,000 community groups, as well as services for business, government and the general public.

The Funding Centre's EasyGrants newsletter and database is the leading source of grants information in Australia.

A subscription to the Funding Centre starts at $85 per year for community groups. If this is beyond your group's capacity, some useful options may be to:

Funding Centre subscribers receive the EasyGrants newsletter each month containing a comprehensive list of all government, philanthropic and corporate grants funding available in Australia - including an overview of the program, requirements, links and closing dates. You can choose which sorts of grants information you want to receive. You can also opt in to daily or weekly alerts.

It's a real time-saver: all the information you need is sent directly to you so you don't have to waste time searching for opportunities but can instead concentrate on getting your applications in.

Click here to find out more about how to subscribe.

Widen your horizons

Your group will search for grants in its primary area of concern, but are you sure you know all of the sectors you're in? Your group may fulfill numerous functions in the community and therefore be eligible for a wider range of grants.

Does your group:

Think about other areas your group "works" in. Brainstorm with other group members and widen your horizons to better understand the roles your group plays in the community.

Then, if you are a Funding Centre subscriber, use the newsletter or the Grant Search Database to search for grants in these areas.

Other ways of finding grants programs

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