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People Management Policies for CDIs

As your Consumer Developed Initiative (CDI) or community group gets larger and more formalised, you will probably find that you will start needing more guidelines about how things are done in your group - what sort of conduct is required of members, how decisions are made, etc.

Policies are designed to assist you in this task. They establish in clear language what the group wants to achieve - and provide boundaries for how it wants to get there, helping to ensure consistency and accountability.

Some policies will be specific to the committee of management (e.g. conflict of interest policy, attendance policy - falling under the heading of governance policies), others will have organisation-wide implications (e.g. ethics policy, diversity policy).

In this section, we have provided links to some of the People Management policies that your CDI should consider putting in place when the time is right. Bear in mind that these policies are not templates that can be downloaded off the shelf and put in place immediately. They should be treated as a starting point for adapting to the particular needs of your group.

You can click on the links below to go straight to the policy, or visit the Policy Bank at to see what else is available.

Note: These policies will open in Word format.



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